Are You in One of these Situations? We Pay Cash for Houses!

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If you have noticed any of the house flipping shows that are popular on television today, you may be wondering about the other side of the equation. Just who sold their home to investors who pay cash for houses, and what was their situation? There are actually more reasons to go this route than you might think. In fact, it just might be a great solution for you too!

need to sell a home quickly

See if you fall into any of these situations:

  • Job Relocation – Sometimes the best job in the world isn’t in your own backyard. It could be across the country or even outside the country. If you stand the chance of losing the opportunity because it takes you several months to sell your home and you cannot financially manage to support two residences at the same time, you need a quick sale. People who pay cash for houses will generally manage a closing on your schedule, which could put you on track for accepting that job offer or relocation with your current employer.
  • Second Home – Inheriting a second home or a couple getting together and only needing one of their homes is another reason to sell a home quickly. If you need the money to settle an estate or to pay for a honeymoon, time can be of the essence, making an investor who pays cash for houses very enticing.
  • Foreclosure or Tax Lien – Falling on hard times happens to the best of us. Rather than walking away empty handed, find out whether there is still some money on the table you can receive while avoiding the credit rating black mark of a foreclosure. When you remove commissions and other closing costs from a transaction, selling your house for cash can work out better for you financially than a traditional sale.
  • Want to Save Money – With a typical transaction that involves paying cash for houses, you avoid many of the costs involved with a traditional sale, so you can put more into your pocket.

If you fall into any of these situations or have another reason why you would like to investigate this type of transaction, give us a call at Widespread Properties. We pay cash for houses in a method that works well for many homeowners. You won’t pay a commission, fee, closing costs or even any repair costs. We give you a cash offer within 24 hours, and you choose the date of closing. It couldn’t be simpler!