Pros and Cons of Different Ways of Selling a House

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If you are considering selling a house, you may be wondering about the different ways to go about it and how to decide which option is best for your situation. The three main ways are handling the sale yourself (referred to as “Sale by Owner”), listing it with a real estate professional, and selling it for cash to an investor. Here is some helpful information about each method:

  • Sale by Owner – The benefit of selling a house on your own is that you avoid having to pay a commission to a real estate broker, although you could have a buyer come to the table who insists that their broker be paid for that side of the transaction. Of course, you can negotiate that and not accept the offer if they won’t cover that cost themselves. The drawback of this method is you have to personally meet with all prospective buyers, do your own marketing, deal with negotiating on your own, and handle several other things that an agent would typically do. This can take a lot of time to do and add stress to the process.

benefit of selling a house to an investor

  • List with Broker – The benefit of selling a house with the help of a real estate professional is that they’ll handle the paperwork, negotiations, and marketing and keep things on track to close in a timely manner. The drawback is there are fees and commissions involved that can represent a sizeable amount that could be a problem if you need to make a certain amount on the sale to cover a mortgage, liens, and down payment on new home. Furthermore, it can be a lengthy process that can take weeks or even months to reach closing and leave you with added expenses such as repairs to cover.
  • Cash Sale from Investor – The benefit of selling a house to an investor who has a system to pay cash is that they usually cover closing and repair costs, and you won’t have a commission to worry about. They make a cash offer and will close very quickly. The drawback is that they are interested in getting a bargain, so the offer may be less than you hoped for. However, if you were to try to sell it yourself or with a broker and also needed a quick sale, you’d still find yourself having to lower the price – and still have other expenses that made your bottom line even lower.

Here at Widespread Properties, we have a process that makes selling a house quick and easy. We work with a network of investors so we can purchase properties in any condition and do it quickly. We’ll provide you with a cash offer within 24 hours, and we pay for all closing costs and repairs. With no commissions or fees, we are confident you’ll be pleased with the outcome. Call us today to get started!