What You Need to Know About Selling a House By Owner

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When you decide to sell your house, you will first need to decide whether to use a real estate agent or to sell it on your own. Both approaches have their own pros and cons, and which is right for you will depend on several factors, such as how fast you want to sell and how comfortable you are with negotiation.

What You Need to Know About Selling a House By Owner

Our team at Widespread Properties has extensive experience in buying homes directly from their owners, and we have put together this article to give you some key information about selling a house by owner.

  • No Commission – One major advantage of selling a house by owner is not having to pay a real estate agent’s commission. Real estate agents typically take a portion of the sale price as their service fee, and many people don’t like to share their profits in this way.
  • Lower Sale Price – Some DIY sellers may end up selling their home for less than it’s worth. Since most homeowners don’t have experience in the real estate business, they are not as effective at marketing their properties as an agent would be, and they aren’t able to convince buyers to pay as much. If you want to make sure you get a fair price for your house while selling by owner, though, you can turn to our team for a quick and fair cash offer.
  • Different Timeline Expectations – Lastly, selling a house by owner comes with a different set of timeline expectations than selling through an agent. If you find this process challenging, or fail to promote your home effectively, it can take longer to sell. However, if you work with our team, you can sell your home much more quickly than you would have been able to otherwise, as we’ll make an offer within 24 hours of viewing your home.